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                    How Much Alkaline Water
Should We Drink Daily?

  Who Invented the
Alkaline Water Beads?

How to Check Fluoride
 in YourTap Water

Alkaline Water Beads  Removes chlorine, fluoride and impurities
from Tap Water , pH Balanced water!

will make  1000 gallons, a years supply,
of chlorine,
fluoride free, pristine, declusterd
drinking water! That's alkaline water H 2 0

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          Place Prill Beads in Tap Water filled Gallonm Glass Jar
24 hours the first time.  Thereafter with 1/4 Alkaline Water in the bottom of the  jar as "starter" fill remainder with tap water. It's clean Alkaline Water within an hour.

Alkaline Water Beads, Jar, Airiator and pH paper

Alkaline Water Beads are an amazing product!

$29.  including 80 pH Testers, saliva and water testers.
Alkaline Water is  Declustered water which  is living water
as opposed to processed water.
When photographed droplets look like snowflakes.

Alkaline Water Drop Images     

 Plants and animals love it! Plants grow twice the size.
Animals will choose it if placed in a bowl next to a bowl of tap water.

The taste and temperature is cooler then tap water,
  so refreshing!

  Alkaline Water Beads
including 80 pH Testers

+ Free Lifetime Monthly Refills if desired
  + 2.29 S&H

What's Alkaline Water?

Originally it was spring or well water. It's H20. The pollution and additives, chlorine and fluoride, have changed drinking water to  clusters of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. This makes tap water less effective hydrating the body.

How Much Alkaline Water
Should We Drink Daily?

We need less alkaline water 5 glasses rather than the 8 glasses recommended of clustered tap water.

Who Invented the
Alkaline Water Beads?

AWB were invented by a nuclear scientist to clean nuclear waste. Mr. Carter originally tested the Beads in Lake Meredith, which once was polluted and lacked life but is full of fish today.

How to Check Fluoride
 in Tap Water

Place a 1/2 cup of tap water in a dark cup or bowl or stainless container where it can evaporate without being disturbed. jjcheck back once it's evaporated. If a white film is seen it's fluride reside left behind from the tap water.

Check regurly because tap water levels vary monthly.